Joining Policy Systems Group


To Prospective Postdocs & Postgraduate Students

My research interest is on the interface of technology and society. I focus on unique challenges that arise from the introduction of new technologies to society (e.g. crowdsourcing, sharing economy, autonomous vehicles, ridesharing, MOOCs, AI, blockchains, 3d printing, AR,  VR  etc.).

In short, I work on: 

a) how to shape policies to accommodate new technologies and facilitate positive socio-technical transitions; 
b) understanding the effects of these new technologies on the policy process; 
c) understanding the benefits, risks and unintended consequences of novel technologies and; 
d) changing the way we design and analyse policies by developing innovative, practical approaches that can be used to address the growth in the interdependence and complexity of our socio-technical systems.

Each of these strands of research requires the development of frameworks and methodologies as well as empirical/simulation/experimental research.

Policy Systems Group prides on doing multidisciplinary research using both technical and social sciences. We believe in doing state-of-the-art research that has relevance and real-world implications. 

If you feel your work and/or interests are aligned well with my research and would like to work with me as a postdoc or a graduate student, please take a close look at my publications and research pages on this website and contact me via email with your research interests, CV, and samples of writing (all in pdf format). Make sure that you communicate your expectations and goals well.